My BBS Time Travel

I started to build my BBS few weeks ago, I found that Mystic BBS software that was compatible with Raspbian and raspberry PI. that software is able to communicate with multiple network.

Now i have setup up FsxNET, I am getting used to it. testing it. later on i want to install a bunch of other network like the famous FidoNet and many others.

My ultimate goal is to find some geek and nerds like me and better than me. I would like to make a system that can use internet, dialup and radio wave all true a raspberry PI-top modified and bulletproof.

Basically that PI-top as to be able to use any mean possible to connect to the BBS network and allow exchange of message.

The BBS_node as to be able to use PI to dial-up , internet network, and recieve radio signal. keep the message and broadcast it when host become available.

PI-top_client as to be able to join that BBS_Node and connect to it by a simple telnet in the OS. it as to be turnOn key send message then turnOff. if left on the PI-top as to be able to act as repeater across other PI-top until BBS is reached.

The Reasoning behind this. is the same communicate no mater what! internet is down, or EMP from the Sun as destroyed com system.